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I promote ethical training and horsemanship for a calm and confident partnership with your horse, to help you achieve your goals. Do you ever listen to your horse when you are training? Have you ever noticed when you are unconfident, they are too? And when you are totally confident and connected with them, they give you everything you ask? In our clinics I will show you how you can tune into your horse, so you listen to their questions and feedback to help you achieve a true partnership, working together as one. TREC obstacles are used to give you and your horse a focus and purpose. These simulate things you would encounter on a trail ride, for example fallen logs, low branches, gates etc, so you develop practical skills that can be used while out hacking.

I have been riding horses since I was about 6 years old, and was never the most confident rider. However with Jake, my horse of a lifetime, I have done more than I could ever dream of.

I bought Jake as a 5 year old, ID x TB, who had hunted in Ireland but could not canter a circle! He took me eventing within 6 months of us becoming a partnership and delivered the most amazing dressage scores due to his light paces and careful, brave jump! We evented at pre-novice for a couple of years, then my trainer took Jake to intermediate.

2002 brought the urge to try side saddle, and Jake took to it like a duck to water. We collected a wide and diverse wardrobe, ranging from vintage hunting habit to reproduction Georgian habit. I set up a group to promote side-saddle riding and we gave displays at many country show and game fairs, riding to modern up beat music!

During 2008, Jake had another change of career and we started competing at TREC (orienteering on horseback), a sport derived from the test that trail ride guides in France had to undertake before they could escort trail riders. We continue to enjoy TREC now in a training capacity and I organise several training camps/clinics for various TREC clubs.

We also discovered natural horsemanship in 2011 and Jake was invited by Monty Roberts to be in his demonstration at Myerscough College, because of his fear of donkeys. It was an amazing experience to work with Monty and Kelly Marks, and Jake with Lucy the Donkey was featured in the Intelligent Horsemanship Christmas DVD.

Since then, I have followed the principles of horsemanship and was lucky enough to meet and have dinner with Buck Brannaman in 2015. I have learnt more about Jake in the last 5 years than the whole 22 years we have been together and every day our relationship strengthens more and more.





Ride With Your Mind


TREC Coach








Thank you for all your help with Reuben and me this weekend. I can't thank you enough. Your way of training was perfect for me and him. It was great he loaded so well and I can be confident to go other places now as this was the first time I have gone without Graham.

Reuben had never seen poles and obstacles before and the way the course was structured with the groundwork was the perfect way for him. He is a sensitive soul easily frightened. (your horse is your mirror?!)


You gave me the tools to build on the experience.

A quick update:

Julia, I cantered many times yesterday when I was out with her. Even up the whole length of the gallop! She has been marvellous but without the confidence boost I had with you I don't think, (actually I know) I could have done it. Jen



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