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Become the confident rider you've always wanted to be

Performance & Mindset Coaching
for equestrian competition riders & horse owners

What do you want to achieve?

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Improve my confidence and Perform at my best in events or competitions

Have confidence and enjoy riding my horse without fear or anxiety getting

in the way

Go on a rider retreat &

learn about TREC,

horsemanship, rider

biomechanics & more


Meet Julia


Hi, I’m Julia, a certified Mindset and Performance Coach for Equestrian women specialising in competitive performance. I use a unique blend of my own horsemanship training & experience, sports psychology, NLP and hypnotherapy to help you reprogramme your core beliefs, habits & behaviours so that you can become a more confident rider and achieve what you want.

My qualifications:

  • Advanced Applied Psychology Equestrian Coach

  • Master Empowered Equestrian™ Coach

  • Master NLP Practitioner and Coach

  • Master Hypnotherapist

  • Advanced Solution-Focused & Analytical Hypnotherapist

Let go of "I'm not good enough", "I can't do it" and "What if that happens" so you can perform at your best

I'm getting frustrated with myself and my horse when things go wrong.

I've had an accident and it's making me avoid doing a lot with my horse.

I can't control the butterflies before an event or a


I've bought a horse with an amazing track record and I feel like I'm failing him.

I'm making excuses like it's too wet, or too windy to ride because I'm scared of something happening.

I'm great in a lesson and then it all falls apart in the arena.

It doesn't have to be that way

You deserve to have a great relationship with your horse and to be able to control your fears and emotions without them holding you back from what you want to achieve, and that great news is you can.

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What my clients say


“I’m a Grade II Para Dressage rider, who despite moving forward successfully in able bodied and Para Dressage with my self-trained mare, lacked self-belief.


I felt I was always knocking on the door of my dream without knowing how to walk in. Julia has, via a carefully tailored plan (which even includes daily tasks), raised my levels of motivation and confidence to train and compete with real focus once Lockdown has lifted.


This has seeped into every aspect of my life and I find that I’m more forward thinking and positive than I thought possible. The effect is incredible and uplifting and I’m able to turn negatives into positives.


I can’t recommend Julia’s coaching highly enough; it’s life changing and powerful.”

Deborah Parkinson Wicks - Para Dressage Rider


Work with me

Performance and Mindset Coaching for competition riders
Ditch the Fear and
Become a More Confident Rider
Rider retreats
Group Coaching, for Riders who want to be successful

Get into a state of FLOW (performance zone) for optimal performance with this simple exercise.

Experience intense and focused concentration on the present moment.

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