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Group Coaching, Ride your Dream

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Become a more confident rider, so you and your horse can have the best adventures together

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Horse riding is one of the most pleasurable hobbies there are (in my opinion), but if you’re avoiding elements of riding or aren’t trying new things with your horse because you’re scared, it will be your fears that need addressing, not the horse.


It’s so common as a rider to have fears or anxieties that stop us from enjoying our ride or trying new things with our horse, but you can break free from them, so you can become more confident and have the best adventures together.


I'm too tense and stressed, and I know it's
affecting my horse and my riding

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Does any of this
sound familiar?

  • You know fear and anxiety are holding you back in certain areas of your riding.

  • You’ll do anything (even poo-picking) to avoid riding your horse in certain scenarios.

  • You’re getting angry and disappointed with yourself or your horse when things don’t go to plan.

  • You’ve had a fall and it’s really knocked your confidence. You fear getting into the same situation again so you avoid doing certain things altogether.

  • You’re making excuses not to ride or train, like it’s too wet, too windy, there are too many flies.

  • You feel guilty that you’ve got a great horse and his talents are being wasted.

  • You’re getting frustrated with yourself for not just being able to ‘get over’ your fears.

  • You lack confidence to try new disciplines such as hacking, jumping, eventing or cantering on wet ground.

  • You want to try new things, you want to feel the exhilaration that other people talk about, but you’re scared that something bad might happen.

  • You want to think about something like jumping as fun, not scary and likely to cause an injury.

  • You’re having lessons to help and think if you can just get through a set number of them, you’ll feel more confident, then something happens to set your confidence right back to the start.

  • You’ve tried a number of things to overcome your fears (like yet more lessons) and it’s not worked


If you're tired of feeling scared or anxious about certain areas of riding, then read on

Horse and Rider

Putting you back in control, so you can have the best adventures with your horse

Imagine if you could have a feeling of excitement to go and ride your horse every time.

If you’re feeling anxiety or fear before and during your ride, it can have a huge impact on it because the focus is on the negative emotion rather than the ride. When you learn instead to focus on positive feelings, it creates the opportunity for not just a more enjoyable ride, but to explore new activities with your horse too.

The good news is, you can become a more confident rider and you can start to enjoy new experiences with your horse.

Your Horse is Your Mirror


OMG!  I just have to tell you! These sessions are really unlocking things for me! 


Kirsen testimonial


I am still following your posts. I love the little ‘hints’ or ‘reminders’ that you post.

I am doing really well at present; I use the visualisation a lot and also the ‘time line’ – where I have to start where I am, think of where I want to be, and work on the stages to get there!

Keep at it – you are doing a great job.


Here's how I can support you

I will help you to unpick mindset blocks and limiting beliefs. We’ll dig into unconscious self-beliefs that you may have acquired over the years and reframe them so your emotions can become more positive.

You will be supported to address your fears in a constructive way and I will give you tools and techniques to overcome them.

In this package, I use a variety of techniques but mostly NLP and hypnotherapy. I also use my experience and training in horsemanship to support your journey. These techniques all work together to get your mind in a place where you can start to become a calm and confident rider.

You’re always in control. We work together to explore what your experiences have been, so you can create a more confident and calm reality.


"I find myself returning to the things we worked through and listening to the inner voice which has shifted from being one that encouraged me to hesitate to one that reassures and has given me confidence and a calmness that I can apply to any life situation.”

You will
be able to .....

Remain calm and focused before riding your horse, going into lessons or trying new activities with your horse for the first time.

Reframe when things don’t go to plan, so they don’t knock your confidence.

Understand where your anxieties and fears stem from, you’ll have had help to separate yourself from the fears, to overcome them and to reframe the experiences that created those fears in a way that leaves you feeling positive.

Feel more in control of your own emotions, so they don’t run the show, you do.


Julia and white horse

The Brass Tacks



  • 6 group 1-hour sessions over 6 months carried out virtually using Zoom

  • Access to my Mindset Magic private FaceBook Group where you can reach out for support between sessions and with 16 bite-sized audio sessions to help reduce fear and build your confidence whenever you need them. These will help to keep reinforcing the techniques that we use and more besides. Worth £150

  • You will need to put in some work to get results; when we work together, I don’t just ‘do’ stuff to you, we work together and I’ll give you techniques to take away and use to create more calm and decrease anxiety before and during a ride.

  • Optional extra private coaching sessions (these are not available to everyone)

 "I have trust and confidence in my decision-making and feel strong enough to control the controllables and focus on positives rather than the negatives."

What's my investment?

Pay in full


includes lifetime access to my Mindset Magic group and audio modules worth £150

It's for you if:

You know that the fear you are feeling is unwarranted and maybe irrational, but you can't shake it off.
You want to be able to go on a hack, go on holiday with your horse, knowing you’ve got the tools to help you remain calm and focused, without everything around you making you wobble.
Maybe you want to move up a level in competition, or want to take yourself out of your comfort zone so you can achieve more with your horse.

It's not for you if:

Your horse really misbehaves or if you’ve had an accident through your horse being unsafe.
Your horse regularly bucks, bolts, rears. If it does any of those things, it’s not in your head. It’s a problem with the horse. The first step I would suggest is to contact a vet or a physio to get your horse assessed. Next I would suggest getting saddle and bridle checked. If that’s all OK, your next steps would be to get help from a horsemanship specialist. Please get in touch, I am happy to recommend specialists in your local area.

Frequently Asked Questions


I’m not comfortable asking for help…


Everyone can feel that way, it’s feeling and/or knowing that you want to change and taking the first steps that matters. If you are feeling this way, I encourage you to reach out to me for a chat to see if it’s right for you.


Can I work with a trainer alongside this programme?




Yes, absolutely. Their skills focus primarily on your riding ability and technique, I’m working with what goes on in your head.


I've had hypnotherapy before but it didn’t work out.


You’ve got to be committed to change and hypnotherapy will only workif you want it to


I’ve been struggling with a particular fear for a long time, will you be able to help me?


Yes, If you’ve been struggling with a fear for a long time, it’s likely it stems back to an event in your childhood which is probably unrelated to horses and your unconscious has been reinforcing that fear throughout your life.


Will I be in control if I am under hypnosis?


Yes, I can’t make you do something you don’t want to do. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, you are in control all the time.


Will I be in control if I am in hypnosis?


Yes, I can’t make you do something you don’t want to do. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, you are in control all the time.

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