Mindset Magic

Take action. Stop Faffing. Be Successful.

Mindset Magic is a VIP Package for Equestrian Women who want to be confident and successful!


My Professional Life

If you're reading this you're likely a female Equestrian with a desire to be confident & successful.

And you feel stuck. 
You want to succeed and you're not sure how to do it. 

You may have some ideas but you're craving the experience from other successful equestrians who have been there and done that. And can share their wisdom and expertise with you so you feel more confident in making decisions.

Welcome to Mindset Magic.

Mindset Magic has been created by me, Julia, Master NLP Practitioner and Coach, Master Hypnotherapist and Master Time Line® therapist. Running my own highly successful business and coaching equestrian women since 2016, I'm also an accredited Master Empowered Equestrian™ Coach.

That means I know a thing or two about confidence & success.

And I want to share my wisdom with you.

Who is Mindset Magic for?

It's for you if....

  • You want to be successful and you're not reaching the heights you dream of - yet!

  • You're so passionate about success as it's basically your life (we equestrians don't go into things half heartedly)

  • You want to spend each and every day thriving (not surviving!) 

  • You have a fire in your belly that's not going away any time soon and you want to turn that fire into something special.

It's for you if you want to move at pace and you have an insatiable appetite to improve.


Here's what Deborah says about working with me

I am a grade II Para Dressage rider who, despite moving forward successfully in able bodied and Para Dressage with my self trained mare, lacked self belief. I felt that I was always "knocking on the door" of my dream without knowing how to walk in. Julia has, via a carefully tailored plan, raised my levels of motivation and confidence to train and compete with real focus after lockdown. 

This has seeped into every aspect of my life and I find that I am more forward thinking and positive than I thought possible; the effect is incredible and uplifting, and I am able to turn negatives into positives.

Julia is always there: a real Coach and Mentor. I can't recommend Julia's coaching highly enough it's life changing and powerful.

Deborah Parkinson Wicks

My Life Story

My years spent with horses have given me the passion and drive to share with you what I have learned and continue to learn. It’s a journey that never ends.

I have been riding horses since I was about 6 years old, and was never the most confident rider. However with Jake, my horse of a lifetime, I have done more than I could ever dream of.

What's included in Mindset Magic?

2 private coaching sessions


Discover what is holding you back, take action, create your goal, learn tools & techniques to get you unstuck & become confident & successful

Lifetime access to 13 recorded mindset sessions in The Learning Zone, here on the website

Priority booking and discounts on selected in-person training events, camps & retreats


Find your motivation, your focus and your fulfillment.

Ready to fast track your success now?

Purchase Mindset Magic for £247.

Upon joining you'll receive an email from me with a Coaching questionnaire and an  invite you to your first one-to-one coaching session. 


In 2017 I found Perry at Hopton Rehabilitation and Homing. I had been tentatively looking for another horse after Jake retired, and preferably a rescue horse. I wanted to give something  back to the equine community.


Perry had some issues, however I was confident we could work through them. He is nothing like Jake (15hh bay Welsh cross compared to 17hh grey IDxTB). He was very nervous and stressy, so my natural calm and laid back attitude suited him. 

We got on like a house on fire. He was a super safe hack, he earned the nickname quad bike. With regular coaching from Sally Brett we soon developed a mutually trusting partnership, and continue to improve as each day goes on. In 2019 we achieved one of our goals to ride with Buck Brannaman in his clinic at Aintree Racecourse in the UK. What a star, Perry took everything in his stride, 25 horses working together in the arena.

Sadly, on the 13th February 2020, it was the end of an era. I lost Jake after a short bout of colic and aged 31, he was put to sleep to graze pastures new in peace.


My Experience & Qualifications

​In 2016 I became an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and Coach, Hypnotherapist and Time Line® therapist


In 2020 I became a Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and Coach, Master Hypnotherapist and Master Time Line® therapist and accredited Master Empowered Equestrian™ Coach.

In 2021 I qualified as an Advanced Solution-Focused & Analytical Hypnotherapist

My years spent with horses have given me the passion and drive to share with you what I have learned and continue to learn. It’s a journey that never ends.

I'm often told that I am a compassionate and motivational coach. 

Amongst the areas I deliver for these clients are performance coaching for equestrians, motivational goal setting and inspirational business coaching, alongside compassionate life coaching.


I have a diverse portfolio of clients and  I specialise in ladies who dream of success, and need a helping hand to stop faffing and take action. Ladies who want someone to help find their motivation, their inspiration and help them stay calm when challenges arise.

Do you start to think about how to start, but the thought of starting is just too much? Have you already done lots of research but need a helping hand to get you on the right road? The thought of dealing with everything, leaves you feeling overwhelmed and your confidence disappears in a flash?​

I have been riding horses since I was about 6 years old, and was never the most confident rider. However with Jake, my horse of a lifetime, I have done more than I could ever dream of. 

Have we met? I'm Julia


 Here's a taster of what's going on in

Mindset Magic 

Take Action, Stop Procrastinating, Be successful

During this module we are focusing on 13 key reasons why you may be procastinating, here are some of them:



Not having a clear vision for the future is one of the biggest reasons people procrastinate. If you can’t see the benefits of completing certain tasks why would you bother starting them?
Have a clear picture of all that needs to be achieved and the reasons why, you are much more likely to be motivated to get going and get things done.

is the most popular excuse banded about for not getting things done. But fortunately there are very few people in this world that don’t have the scope for becoming at least 10% more efficient. Being busy doesn’t equate to being efficient. Regularly when someone lacks time in their lives, it is due to poor organization skills, poor prioritization or the inability to say no. Learn to become more efficient with one’s time. This can free up many hours a week to get the more important stuff done.

The infamous words of Peter Druker say it clearly “Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail”. If you are disorganized and don’t keep a schedule you are likely to forget tasks and miss deadlines.


Some people fear failure; they won’t be able to do the task to a good enough standard so they delay in getting started. Others — believe it or not — fear success. They may know that by completing a certain task, the outcome may lead them places they are unsure they want to go.


In the modern age we are bombarded with technology and external stimulation that it becomes more difficult to stay focused.

Turn off email notifications and only check emails at allocated times during your day. Switch off your phone and allow messages to go to voicemail. Close your office door and let people know you are not to be disturbed. Remember to stay in control of your technology and not let it control you.


Some tasks at hand can make us feel overwhelmed, mostly because we don’t know how to get started.
Break it down into bite sized chunks. Then break it down even more. Plan each part of the task so that you are focusing on completing the sub task rather than the overall task. This helps to feel in control and not overwhelmed
But the best and simplest advice is to make a start on any important task. No matter how small or how insignificant in the overall picture, just get moving.

Ready to Take Action, Stop Procrastinating & Be Successful?



Mindset Magic is for female equestrians who are ready to say YES to SUCCESS. Who have a dream to become REALLY successful at what they do and will not let anything stand in their way to making their dream a reality.


It costs £247


Read above for the full run down of what's included in Mindset Magic but to summarise, it includes tonnes of super valuable content and support from me, Julia, to get you on the right track to success. Private one to one coaching, access to Mindset Magic online Learning Zone with 13 recorded sessions to work through in your own time.



Upon joining you'll receive an email from me to arrange our one to one sessions 



Drop me an email at julia@yourhorseisyourmirror.com and I'll be happy to help.