Tingling with delight

Tingling with delight, motivated, but rather tired this morning after a thought provoking & inspirational weekend. How clever of you Julia, with the dual purpose title of this training course, starting the Mindset for the weekend! I was amazed how quickly the group gelled, and Tracy's introduction put us all at ease immediately. We were all given two lovely books, Confidence to the Core, and The Confident Ride Experience Mindset, both underpinning the course content. I don't want to give away too much information about precisely what we covered because I hope others will be intrigued enough to book. If you are looking for an outside the box, open-minded training course, this is it!

The whole ambiance of the environment including farm house, hosts, food, location, weather, tutors, and perhaps especially, fellow students made for a special place to flourish! Peeling away negative layers and replacing with positive thinking empowered us to soak up new skills and propelled our minds into a more confident place. The power of the mind is tremendous! Morning sessions included Tracy who gave us useful guidance and teaching from theory, learning and personal experience, provoking valuable shared discussions. Expanding our thoughts in this way helped us on the path to our own growing creativity and confidence. Afternoon sessions began with in-hand work, progressing to ridden work, utilising and developing the skills we had learned in the morning, with Julia at the helm. Unanimous decision, how complementary the two components of the course had worked together. We had all progressed beyond our wildest dreams! The bond within the group had become so strong, we spent a whole hour talking about the next step, before setting off for home! A very big Thank You to all for your most valuable contributions, producing the most successful of outcomes! Cilla Allmark

Hack Your Mind Training Course at Shadymoor Farm with Julia McHugh & Dr. Tracey Cole

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