Standing still can be good

One of the first things train a horse to do is to stand still.

It may not be easy, however it is a basic ingredient you will need for almost every discipline, to stay safe and be successful.

In trec you will gain points of your horse will stand still whilst you move away. This is a really useful skill when you are or hacking and need to open a gate.

It also gets you points in dressage, if you can halt & salute at x, 10 easy points.

How about show jumping or cross country? Having your horse stand still whilst waiting to go in the arena or start box is not only safe, but allows you to focus on the course and how you are going to ride it.

Here is Dubh, owned by Jo McCormac, showing you how is done.

Dubh is an ex racehorse and very flighty. No has done a great job with her and her hard work paid off when she was chosen to represent GB in Italy at the European TREC championships.

Here's Dubh at the top of Snowden, showing you the immobility again

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