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Sally Brett recently presented a live Webinar on horsemanship for you, whether you are new to horsemanship or not, it's always good to remind yourself of the basics.

Sally Brett and Taylor

A calm and confident horse usually has a calm and confident rider. Someone who is a leader and lives in the now.

I remember when eventing Jake my grey horse, I convinced myself he hated ditches. The very thought of jumping a trakener (angled log over a ditch) xc jump would make me freeze, and guess what - so did Jake.

When I handed the reins over to a more experienced international rider, I did warn him.

One of my many highlights was watching Jake and Michael compete at Chatsworth House British Eventing.

As I walked the xc my heart sank as I saw the dirty great trakener. So I positioned myself so I could see as many jumps as possible including the dreaded one. I watched then gallop round the fabulous course, 2 water jumps which my horse loved and then the bogey fence, I watched him fly over making a beautiful picture, I can see it now and I can feel the pride I felt as he did.

People used to ask why I let someone else ride my horse. I didn't let someone ride my horse, I chose someone who would ride my horse, safely and successfully and my reward was to know I trained Jake.

So why am I telling you this? Because the basics were in place I trained Jake consistently and was confident that when upping the game it would be safe and rewarding.

Enjoy Sally's video on my YouTube channel. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel and sign up for newsletters on to get all the news of new webinars and events directly into your mailbox. Shout out if you have any questions. Have fun, stay safe. Julia x

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