Jump start 2020

hedge (ridden only), jump, path crossing (ridden only), tree trunk, Goal: negotiate an obstacle in the path of horse/rider, the correct approach, demonstrating the horse is willing, aids of the rider used to negotiate the obstacle. Changes of gait and jumping from a standstill are allowed. faults: Running out or circling before entering the obstacle, Refusal (including stepping back), Knocking down a pole(s) A path crossing consists of 2 related jumping elements. They are judged as one obstacle. The rider should maintain Regular forward motion, Good position (ridden) / leading on a loose rein (led), maintain balance at all times, Discreet rider aids Led obstacles only: Horse’s muzzle not ahead of the rider’s shoulder line Top tips Remember that you can opt out of the jump (any obstacle) if toy don't want to do it. Just stop by the judge and term then you are missing out the obstacle. For arena TREC show jumping wings and poles tend to be used. Body protectors must be worn if the course includes fixed obstacles Always refer to the trec gb rule book for the latest rules and hat/body protector standards

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