How I helped a stressed rider breakthrough and regain her confidence

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

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Calm, relaxing surroundings for a breakthrough retreat

One of the more nerve-wracking parts of my work is finding out if what I do really does help my clients breakthrough and see real change in their lives. I am confident in my service, but it’s always a relief to see the email come in with incredible feedback!

Alison* was one of the first clients to try out my new personal breakthrough retreat package. When she told me how it had helped her, I was overjoyed that what we had done together had been so impactful - for us both!

The starting point

Alison was part of my free Facebook Group and had been following my posts for a while. She had seen how I worked primarily with women to overcome confidence issues and take action to see lasting change.

She had come to a point in her life where she realised she needed some additional support to overcome some obstacles. She reached out and asked if I had any ideas of how to help her. She messaged me;

I have been very stressed and not too well of late. I want a mini escape to ‘break the cycle’ and reset. Can you help?

Why the personal breakthrough retreat package?

Alison knew she needed to get away to ‘release and reset’. She has a successful history helping others with coaching and restoration but knew she needed to prioritise her own health.

She had a couple of days to get away and wanted somewhere beautiful, restorative, and restful. She knew it wasn’t easy to ask for help or focus on yourself but had reached a point where she knew it was time to put herself first.

I had just started pulling together ideas for a bespoke mindset retreat package without your horse to focus on the rider.

It was a perfect opportunity for us both to test it out.

The work we did

Alison arrived Friday and checked into her beautiful master en suite bedroom. She then enjoyed relaxing massage in a tipi which smoothed away the stresses from work and sealed in the tranquillity of Shadymoor. Afterward, Alison strolled through the garden where she found her BBQ glowing and a picnic basket of delicious food.

We chatted about the plan for Saturday, and I explained the techniques I use and how they work. I left Alison with her personalised plan and took away some notes to further refine her bespoke package.

After a blissful sleep, Alison enjoyed a full English breakfast in the farmhouse kitchen. Then we spent the day together breaking through all her blockers and creating a plan for her road to success and confidence.

At one point, I could feel that Alison was a little stuck so I blended two of my techniques (hypnotherapy and art) to help her feel more comfortable and relaxed. It worked like magic, and I will use this blended technique again. It really helped Alison to dream out loud about her future.

Halfway through the day we stopped to enjoy lunch on the island pontoon on one of the pools, and the sun shone for us whilst we savoured a delicious light lunch.

We continued to build on the success of the morning and introduced some deeper mindset techniques in the afternoon, to identify and then remove negative emotions that were holding Alison back. Once we were on a roll, it was full-on steady progress, ultimately moving to a place where Alison could see and believe her future.

Towards the end of the day, we designed a plan that Alison believed she could action and felt confident and motivated about.

In the evening, I joined Alison for a delicious three-course meal, created by the hosts, Joy, and Kevan. Alison retired to bed feeling like the future was exciting again and looking forward to Sunday to reflect and absorb the tranquillity of the surroundings. After breakfast on Sunday, Alison had booked a two-hour hack at a local riding stables; what better place to embed the learnings from the previous breakthrough day.

gardens of retreat; relaxing and calm
Retreat surroundings

The transformation

Seeing Alison break through so many barriers that were holding her back was quite emotional. But I’ll let her tell it in her own words…

I am not a person who is comfortable asking for help, it is more normal for people to seek me out to help them, so accepting help from Julia in working though my future was already a new practice for me.

Julia understood!

And it is this understanding and empathy for her clients that is the bedrock of all that Julia does. In the space of a day, we had looked at my priorities, the things I perceived held me back and, most importantly, dealt with and dismissed the misconceptions and imagined barriers to me achieving what I wanted.

Julia’s expertise means that she can tailor sessions to precisely meet the needs of her clients. Julia listens intently and adjusts the sessions as she goes, ensuring that clients get the best possible outcomes.

Anyone who comes to Julia with an open mind and a hopeful heart can expect to leave with a new sense of clarity and purpose and I would unreservedly recommend her for those, like me, who would more usually ‘do it for themselves’.

She will help you to harness your potential.

My experience

This was the first time I had put together a breakthrough package to work with a client in one day, instead of my usual 90-day programme. I must say it was a roaring success!

Shadymoor is a beautiful location and an ideal place to get away from the daily grind, rest, and restore your soul. The added bonuses of a relaxing massage, nearby stables, and incredible scenery add to the magic of a breakthrough weekend away.

However, these weekends are special and take a lot of energy to work well. I will likely only run one or two in any year to ensure they remain powerful for the clients that choose this path for themselves.

Does Alison's story resonate with you?

If you are a fellow equestrian and would like support in riding confidently and breaking through areas that are holding you back, I’d love to invite you to join my free Facebook group, Your Horse is Your Mirror. In there you’ll find regular posts and videos to help you with tips and techniques for riding confidently and enjoying life again.

If you’re ready for a bit more hands-on support, you can check out my 90-day mindset programme for equestrian women here.

If you would be interested in a breakthrough retreat, I only run these once or twice a year for those seriously interested in taking the time and energy to make progress. I'll advertise opportunities to those in my Facebook group first.

beautiful retreat for mindset and confident riding
Shadymoor Farm

*name has been changed.

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