Gateway to TREC

Goal: The rider must open the gate, ride through it and close it again whilst remaining mounted and not letting go of the gate

Note: The gate is generally fastened by a loop of rope over the gatepost.

The judge is looking for Fluid forward movement, Horse does not touch the gate, Good

rider position, Horse and rider maintain balance at all times, Discreet rider aids

In this example the rider has opened the gate and let go, to make a wide opening for her horse to go through, as the horse was worried about going through a tight space

The rider positions the horse in a good place to close the gate

and successfully closes the gate whilst the horse remains calm & confident

The next stage is for the rider to open the gate and keep hold of the gate whilst manoeuvring the horse through the gate

If you have a young or nervous horse, you can start by doing the gate as a led obstacle

For training tips on the gate obstacle become join the Learning Zone on

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