Gallop to the rescue

Putting TREC skills to purpose 🤗 Noticed a sheep stuck in the brambles on our Hack today. Decided I couldn't ignore it, so jumped off, opened the gate, led my pony towards sheep. Both of us stayed calm, although I could see Perry thinking what is she doing now! I always carry a penknife and is the 1st time I've found a practical purpose for using it! So feeling excited and determined I set about freeing the sheep.

I think the sheep knew I was trying to free it as it didn't panic that much. It was well and truly stuck and at one point thought I'd have to give up. Slowly but surely I separated the wool from the bramble and the sheep ran off. She stopped about 50 yards away to look at me 🥰

Meanwhile what did Perry do? Nothing, just as I asked him, stay there and stand still 🤩

Think that tested a fair few trec skills 😂🤪

And a very happy sheep

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