Exploring mid Wales

We recently had the the opportunity to explore the fabulous out riding at Brandy House Farm.

I had been invited to do some TREC training back in March, however the weekend had to be cancelled due the snow and was rescheduled for June!

What a difference! Blazing sunshine welcomed us on arrival.

I took Perry along for the weekend, with the goal of taking him over the hills to do some exploring on new territory, and practice my navigation skills.

Whilst I spend a lot of time sharing my map reading skills, I rarely get chance to put them into practice!

We took it nice and steady, with the sun pounding down on us. The start of my route was familiar, we soon got to into unfamiliar territory and had to use a compass to navigate the route I had planned.

I was delighted to find I could put into practice what I preach, and navigated successfully over open land.

I'm looking forward to returning to Brandy House in October to welcome guests at our TREC Experience weekend, the final event for 2018

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