Evening Pub Ride

Choosing the coolest part of the day during the current heatwave is proving rather challenging!

I decided to do one of my favourite pub rides on Friday evening to the Bottle & Glass at Picklescott. After a rather tasty home made curry & some real ale, I set off back home via the bridleways, to avoid the roads at dusk.

I discovered how well horses can see in the dusk/dark, and Perry was very confident as the light faded away.

We encountered some cows with calves in the first field, so calmly walked through, giving them plenty of space. In the next field the young calves where a little curious and came to greet us. Perry was totally calm as the cows/calves came to say hello. In the third field the cows/calves where even more curious and decided to follow us! Perry remained calm, and we did play a little game to move them away when they got too close.

We managed a little video as the cows & calves skipped off into the sunset

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