Do what makes you happy?

Thinking back to the days before I started doing trec.

In the late nineties I bought my dream horse. I had wanted to event for a few years and my mare was very accident prone. So after 2 seasons missed due to field injuries I decided to look for another horse.

I was about to give up when a good friend said she knew of a 5 year old for sale that she had turned down as a 3 year old, as he would grow too big!

So off I went to see home and test ride. Jake was a steel grey IDxTB imported from Ireland. He could jump the top of the barrels but not canter a balanced circle!

I knew he was the one for me, and I want going to get attached to another horse (like my mare). He actually hadn't grown much taller in 2 years, but had matured.

He was as honest as the day was long, and we had a ball doing pre novice eventing(the lowest level in those days)

After a couple of seasons he was ready to move up the levels, I wasn't. So I had the dilemma, do I sell him? Keep him? There was little challenge for me doing pre novice yet I knew I didn't want to move up to novice.

I decided to ask my trainer to see what Jake could do, so he rode him at novice, then open novice, up to intermediate.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching then at competitions. I trained Jake, took home to the competition, then my trainer rode him.

The reward was that I had done the training, so when they did well, I had contributed to the success.

Some friends said they couldn't understand why I did this, they would ask why I didn't ride him

The reason I'm telling you about this, is that I thought I wanted to compete, and I discovered many years later that competing is not for me. Even when doing well, it did not give me that complete feeling.

My reward was doing the preparation and training.

So think

about what you really want to do with your horse. Not what others think.

What gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside?

I discovered I love hacking (trail riding) and going on holiday with my horse. That's why I love trec so much.

A lot of people come to my trec training camps for a holiday, they have no intention of entering a competition.

So be honest with yourself, take the pressure off yourself and enjoy your horse.

Please share your thoughts with me in the comments below

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