12 days of TRECmas - Bending

Goal: A series of poles to be ridden as a slalom. Ride the through the poles without touching them whilst maintaining gait.

A slalom course through 5 or 6 poles in a line 5 to 6 metres apart, width of route is 4 metres. Start & finish of obstacle 2 to 4 metres from first/last pole

Faults: Running out or circling before entering the obstacle · Refusal (including stepping back) · Touching the poles· Break or Change of gait

Top Tips: Once you have mastered trotting the bending poles and are ready to canter, make sure you set the poles 6m or more between each pole to make it easier to be successful. An alternative is to miss the odd pole to maintain canter

The important thing to remember is that you train your horse to maintain gait

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